About – Jagruti Technical Services Pvt. Ltd.
Machine Erection, Shifting & Installation Activities :

We Jagruti Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Company for providing Turnkey Project Services of Industrial Plants / Machines Lifting, Shifting, Installation & Commissioning, since 2006. Since then We are working successfully with our clients, without any complaint.

Moving & Erecting “One Machine or a Complete Plant”. If what you need to move is too heavy or too delicate to move yourself we will do it for you. We pick up, move and install equipment safely inside or outside of plants. Our employees have the right tools / tackles, experience, protective gear, and safety training to do such activities. We treat what we move as if it were our own, using the latest in technology, to move it more efficiently and effectively.

Activities carried out as "Turnkey Facility Relocations" are

  • Unloading / loading of Heavy & Critical Process Machinery.
  • Disconnection / Disassembly Of Machines.
  • Shifting & Erection of these Heavy / Light, Critical, Single & Process Machinery from -
    • One shop floor to other
    • One factory site to other
    • One province / state to other state
  • Reconnection / Assembly of Machine.
  • Installation Till Dry Run Trials.
  • Skilled Technical Manpower Support for Machine Commissioning.

B) Provision of Manpower & Special Services to Overseas OEM'S Machine Installations

We found that many Indian Clients Order Machines from Overseas or Foreign Countries. The Installation Orders of such Machines are also fixed up with OEM’s who are located Overseas, by the Indian Clients. These OEM’s or Client’s face Lot of Issues related to availability of Skilled Persons ( Engineers & Technicians ) for Installations & Commissioning. Here we Support. We have such Teams for Support. We do Undertake Turnkey Installation, But wherever it can’t be quantified from either side, we support on Manday Basis by providing the required Manpower on daily basis. ( Off - course in such cases the cost of Manday basis are slightly higher. ) Such Manpower can be of Type -

  • Technicians
  • Supervisors
  • Engineers ( Electrical / Mechanical )

Services Offered