Work Quality- Many of our Customers are repetitive. They plan their activities budget & scheduling by evaluating with us. So during Project Execution there are Less hassles of Commercial & Work scheduling. We work in Reverse Time Management. Means the Customer gives us his time plan for Executing the Activities & our Project Engineering Team tries to match customer schedules by increasing the no of People / working hours. If found un-match, then it is well explained to Customer. Risks in work time management are Not taken for grabbing the Project. All plans are transparent with Customers. This is Key for our Repetitive Customer Projects. No Compromise in Quality & Quantity of Work defined in Commercial Offer / Order. The Customers Satisfaction is very Important. Service Reports are Not closed & Invoices are not submitted till the Customer is satisfied & signs the Service Report with “No Pendency Remark”.

Organisation Structure & Employees Strength :
We are a Team of Engineers who are qualified & with an Experience of more than 20 yrs of Projects & Maintenance in Industries like Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Rubber, Glass, etc. touching to various sectors. The Technicians are well retained with us with Experience of 10 - 12 yrs. in this field.

( As on March-2019 ) : Total 140 nos.

  • Technical Directors - 4 Nos.
  • Project Head - 2 Nos.
  • Engineer / Supervisors - 19 Nos.
  • Sr. Technicians / Technicians ( ITI with Experience ) / Asst. Technicians - 92 Nos.
  • Project Commercial Staff - 5 Nos.
  • HR Department - 3 Nos.
  • Marketing Department - 2 Nos.
  • Accounts Department - 3 Nos.
  • Purchase Department - 3 Nos.

( For Big Projects we arrange External Extra Labour, under our Supervision only. We don't Offload Projects / Subcontract )

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