Our entire working Staff & Employees are trained / explained about Safety of self, others & equipment damages during work. We believe that the Safety in work carries most priority than any other parameter of evaluation of Vendor. We are Proud to say that even after working for these Long Years in such a High - Risk related field of work - We didn’t meet any Workmen Accident - This is all because of our Motivation to our People for maintaining Safety on work sites. Equipment Damage that has delayed the Production / Project schedule - Because we believe that due to any mishandling if there is accidental damage to Customer Equipments then most priority point is Not only the Recovery of Insurance of Damaged Equipment But the “Loss of Production or Project schedule delay” that brings the Growth of Customer Company down.

Employee Value :
Machine Installations is Not a very safe field. JTS places great Importance & invest a great deal on its employees and their safety. The fact that we had Zero - accidents, despite working in a high- risk environment is testimony to our safety policies. Employees enjoy a strong sense of team spirit and are motivated to take informed decisions on-site. This policy has built the employees' confidence in the company, and it reflects in the level and expertise of the work, the 100% commitment and consequently the positive customer feedback that comes in after every project. Due to this Employee Value Policy we are able to Retain our Employees from 2006 till date & the no of Employees still increasing...

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