Instrumentation & Mass Control Wiring

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We are moving towards the new era of services by providing solutions on Instrumentation of Process Plants and their mass Control / Signal wiring and Power cabling.

  • Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation Mass Control wiring of PLC, SCADA, HMI / MMI, ALARM System.
  • Studying the wiring diagrams / cable schedules.
  • Laying & Termination of control / signal wires as per Diagrams.
  • Instrumentation Installation of Process Plants as per Diagrams.
  • Instrumentation, Wiring & Terminations - Pre - checks & Commissioning Support.
  • Mass Control wiring for Instrumentation.
  • Control Signal wiring.
  • Alarm System wiring.


  • Installation of All Electrical and Instrumentation equipment.
  • Installation of digital contact based or analog flow detectors for flow monitoring and control
  • Installation of All submersible, centrifugal, drainage, irrigation and sewage pumps
  • Installation of digital or analog control Valves
  • Installation of pneumatic Valves
  • Installation of all manual operated valves
  • Installation of any type of level measuring devices (Digital or Analog) for control of a liquid or solid level or monitoring of a level in tanks, silos etc.
  • Installation of any devices for limit or approximation detection
  • Installation of any type of pneumatic controlled devices such as control valves, splitters etc.
  • Installation of pressure transmitters and pressure measuring instruments.
  • Installation of air lines and pneumatic panel
  • Installation of drives and soft starters, integrating with PLC
  • Installation of all temperature measuring and monitoring devices
  • All installation is completed with drawing and terminations, cable and panels are marked according to the drawing supply.
  • Wiring of PLC and programmable equipment
  • SCADA development for plant control
  • Supply and installation of any type of electrical and instrumentation cable

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Mainframe Electrical Turnkey Project Activities Like :

  • Electrical LT Power / Control Cabling & Terminations.
  • Cable Tray Installations.
  • Lighting / Illumination Installations.
  • Electrical Setup Thermography for Maintenance of Plant.

Annual Electrical Inspection Activities Like :

  • Liasioning related with MSEB, PWD - Electrical offices.
  • Transformer Oil Filtration.
  • Erection of Earth pits & Resistance measurements.
  • HT Relays Calibration.

Supportive Activities through our Sister Concerns for Panel Manufacturing :

  • Manufacturers & Installation of Control Panels / MCC.
  • Automation Panels.
  • Custom based Panels.
  • Auto Power Factor Control Panels.

Supportive Activities through our Sister Concerns / Consultants :

  • Electrical Turnkey Project Consultancy, Design, Mapping, Estimation & Budgeting, Drawings.
  • Electrical Safety Audit.
  • Electrical Power / Energy Audit.
  • Electrical Designers & Consultants in Lighting System - ( Conventional & LED Type Lights ).


  • Installation of electrical equipment of Medium voltage and Low voltage
  • Installation of Substation
  • Installation, Testing, Commissioning of Lighting Arrester.
  • Installation of GI and SS Cable Tray.
  • Supply and Laying of HT, MV and LT Cables underground and on Cable Tray.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of Earthing System.
  • Supply and Installation of Double Pole Structure
  • Supply and Installation of HT Panel
  • Supply and Installation of Metering Kiosk
  • Supply and Installation of ONAN cooling oil type Transformer
  • Supply and Installation of HT end termination and straight joint
  • Manufacture & Install Electrical Power Panels
  • Supply and Installation of Field junction boxes – instrumentation, digital and analogue
  • Supply and Installation of Lighting boards – indoor and outdoor
  • Consultants & Contractors in Industrial & Office Lighting System
  • Consultants in Electrical Energy Audit & Conservation Activities
  • Consultants & Contractors in Electrical Safety Audits
  • Electrical Liasioning activities related with MSEB, PWD-Electrical offices

We are also offering Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer, Supervisor and Technician for Electrical and Instrumentation Project as per Mandays Basis.